What We Do

We promote the Marsh Tacky Horse, South Carolina’s State Heritage Horse by visiting a variety of venues; schools, equine events, rare breed events, toystores, farm day events and basically anywhere anyone wants to hear about the great little horse so close to extinction!  We sell copies of our self-published book, “Beach Race Champion” to cover expenses. We are all volunteers.

What are those expenses?

Gas for the truck that pulls the trailer that hauls the volunteer Marsh Tacky.

Gas for the vehicles because sometimes we are coming from different directions and can’t carpool.

Travel Food (we like to eat…)

Shipping costs for the books and the materials we distribute for education.

Of course we accept gratuities as well! We’ve been known to show up for really good BBQ!

Currently we are looking for a “new to us” trailer so we can haul our Tackies (now that we finally have our own!) and cut down on some travel expenses. *

*A 2-horse bumper pull with a dressing room in the front is ideal …sometimes we have to leave at O-dark-thirty to visit the schools by 8am, and an afternoon nap might be useful…

We will be looking into fundraising options – so drop a line and let us know what YOU think … maybe a t-shirt? maybe mugs? something useful that lets everyone know you support Marsh Tacky Horses and our educational endeavors?