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A Tale of Thankfulness and Giving

I hope that everyone has experienced the warmth and love of family or friends today. If you are truly lucky, you will have been able to experience both! I want to thank each and every donor that has helped us reach half our goal in bailing the presumed Marsh Tacky from the Bastrop, LA kill pen. I understand that many of my readers have strong opinions about purchasing a horse from a kill pen, regardless of its breed or paperwork.

This is where my REALLY BIG thank you comes in. Many of you donated because one of a possible rare breed horse is one too many to see shipped to slaughter. I am thankful for your help. Still others donated because I asked, because you believed in what Marsh Tacky Tales does, or even some of you because you believe in me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Please don’t forget this horse or that we need to raise $400 more dollars to complete his bail as you go shopping on Black Friday. Every little bit helps. $5, $10, $15 … Every bit gets him closer to a permanent home. Marsh Tacky Tales will cover the expense of parentage DNA testing him and do work towards verifying his breed status.

Click HERE for the GoFundMe to donate. If you prefer to donate another way, please e-mail me at

Once his bail is made we will keep you updated on his status and progress. Remember, there are only approximately 500 Marsh Tacky Horses alive.

16312#3533 is currently pulled from the ship list. His board is $15 a day until pick up. $400 is left to raise for the balance of his “bail”. Presumed Marsh Tacky gelding.

(C) Marsh Tacky Tales 2018


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UPDATE: HORSE IS SAFE FOR TONIGHT!! PLEASE help us raise the remaining funds to bring him back to SC !! Urgent!! Possible Rare Breed Marsh Tacky to ship to slaughter on Monday

Good Morning,

Update: $422 more and we can get him home!

Grateful for all the help so far!! Thank you for keeping him off the truck Monday evening! He has home & Transport, anything over the $422 goes to gas for transport.

I am reaching out again for support to get this possible Marsh Tacky Horse pulled from the kill pen. He is set to ship on Monday and we haven’t raised half of his bail yet to keep him off the truck. You can donate directly using PayPal to please put #3533 and your name in the to section.


You can go to this GoFundMe and funds will be sent as soon as we reach $500 so he does not ship.

Watch the video here.

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Unconfirmed Marsh Tacky gelding in danger of being shipped to Slaughterhouse.


Please help us help a possible un-documented South Carolina State Heritage Horse, the Marsh Tacky.

Estimated $500 for transport (cost of gas)  and purchase price is $1,100.

Let me tell you what is going on and I am going to hope that all of you Molly Fans and Marsh Tacky Enthusiasts and Educators are willing to lend a hand.  This horse in the video below was brought by an individual to Bastrop, LA for sale.

He was delivered without papers or registration status.Everyone knows papers can get lost and foals not get registered although they came from registered parents.

He is 5 years old (old enough to be from the Marsh Tacky auction held a few years back) and has 90 days of training according to the video.

I have someone who is willing to transport him back to his home state, South Carolina, where there is already a home offer available for him. Marsh Tacky Tales will cover parentage testing cost for this horse. Our fundraising goal will be to cover purchase price. Anything over will go to board/transport.

*Please help us help a possible un-documented South Carolina State Heritage Horse, the Marsh Tacky*

He is tag# 3533, Marsh Tacky Horse (no papers, registration unverified) 14.3 grulla gelding, 5 years old, 90 days under saddle.

Please Donate through this GoFundMe account

*if bail is not reached and horse has shipped to slaughter, all funds will be returned*




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The Divine Horse invited me to present Beach Race Champion, A Marsh Tacky Tale on Saturday October 6 to help celebrate Literacy!!!


Completely last minute invite to The Divine Horse  on Saturday! I absolutely love being able to attend local events to promote the SC State Heritage Horse. It’s been a few years since I have been out to the elementary schools in York County. I met so many wonderful people on Saturday and enjoyed conversing about one of the best kept secrets of South Carolina, the Marsh Tacky Horse.

A great big Thank You to divinehorse

The Divine Horse is currently carrying the Beach Race Champion, A Marsh Tacky Tale. Please stop by for your copy.

Please purchase books through this Amazon link and help us be able to get to more schools.

Saving the Marsh Tacky Horse through education, one book at a time.

Marsh Tacky Tales is working towards a few other books, working titles are Mariah, and The Colonels Little Tacky and a few more. Our original joint research has discovered incredibly rich stories about these unique horses from the Low-country to the Piedmont and Foothills of South Carolina and we are excited to share them!

(c) Marsh Tacky Tales 2018



















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Flash, A Horse in Need

I have a confession. I stopped blogging thinking maybe someone had taken the blog information and stolen Yago and River. I have been struggling with whether or not to continue to blog about Marsh Tacky Horses. Yesterday I was alerted to a horse that was claimed to be a Marsh Tacky per coggins and is headed to the New Holland sale on Monday July 3, 2017. Some of you will read this blog after everything is all over and I apologize for that. I had hoped this horse was Yago or River. It is not. I’ve learned something though, I learned that everyone of you have been looking for Yago & River. And I want you to keep looking. And I also need help for this horse:

This horse is going to the NEW HOLLAND PA sale on Monday July 3, 2017New Holland Bound Horse, Head Unconfirmed Marsh Tacky

“…he’s really afraid. He doesn’t know what’s happening, it’s obviously his first time experiencing something like this. At the first sale, he pulled back and broke 2 halters. They put him in a pen with a mare about his size. She was meant and kicked him. He wants to shut down, I can tell, but he still responds to a kind, gentle touch and soft voice. Obviously was a woman’s horse. He’s going to need QT and tlc if he gets out of there!” 

This is the link to the GoFundMe 

This is the Information posted on FB about this horse

New Holland Bound Horse, Unconfirmed Marsh Tacky

Posting Copied from Horses of New Holland – Before FB page.

“Rare opportunity to own and endangered breed. Very few of these horses remain. MARSH TACKY (per coggins, has the breed characteristics) Official horse for the state of SC. Purchased 1-2 years ago at the annual sale.
Gelding. 3 yrs old. 14hh. Halter broke only. This is not Yago, one of the two Marsh Tacky horses stolen a few months ago.
Selling tomorrow morning at 9am auction in New Holland, Pa. Mel’s Sales Stable. Attend in person if possible. Phone bidding is available. Video available via PM or see main page.”

He is a 3 y.o. with no papers, his coggins says he is a Marsh Tacky. The clinic that performed the Coggins is familiar with the breed and has treated many Marsh Tacky Horses over the years. He looks like a classic Marsh Tacky according to the standards provided by the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association.

Please look at the pictures showing his conformation. No conclusive factual data has been provided to negate his breed claim.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I want to thank Horses of New Holland – Before FB page for alerting us to this horse.

I would like to thank everyone that is still looking for Yago & River. We will bring you home!



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So, now that you know South Carolina has a State Heritage Horse – where can you see a Marsh Tacky in April?

Last month in March, Kiawah Cares hosted their first Kiawah Cup with the SC State Heritage Horse, the Marsh Tacky.  True to their promise, they brought attention to this unique, critically endangered domestic equine. The Marsh Tacky is a versatile horse known for its wood-sense as well as its fame of historically racing on the South Carolina Sea Island beaches. Tammy Mac, organizer of the Kiawah Cup, enthusiastically said that the race was everything she had hoped that it would be. True to their word as promised, Kiawah Cares delivered yet another new audience to the tough little Marsh Tacky. Mac’s favorite part of the races? “Seeing the Tacky enthusiasts so happy and helping to promote awareness of this magnificent breed. We can’t wait to do it again!” Kiawah Cares is anticipating that next years Kiawah Cup is going to be even bigger.

So what will you do about seeing one until then? Caroline Knight created the “Meet a Marsh Tacky Day” event list for April 22,2017 on Facebook. There are at least four  events that day members of the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association are planning on attending or hosting.  This little horse can do more than race on the beach – trail riding, Calvary mounts, and hunting are just a few of the disciplines these horses excel in.  Did you know some Marsh Tacky Horses are seasoned foxhunters? Look for the next post in Marsh Tacky Tales to see other disciplines they are used in. April 22, 2017 is loaded with places to see our South Carolina State Heritage Horse. Please scroll down to Links, Show Bills and Flyers listed below so you can pick out the event best suited for you!

All Breeds Fun Show

Pelzer, SC 9530 Augusta Road, Pelzer, SC 29669 Registration starts at 8:30, classes start at 10:00 Show Bill Below


Trail Ride

Ward, SCWonderful Weekend in Ward Are you looking to go on a trail ride and get a chance to check out some Marsh Tacky Horses under saddle? On April 22 there will be a gathering of Marsh Tacky Horses with their riders taking on the trails. Look for the group of riders wearing Carolina Marsh Tacky Association T-shirts!

PeeDee Horse Festival  – Bring your horse or bring just yourself 

H.Cooper Black State Park (near Cheraw, SC) – If you are looking for some BBQ and a chance to see MarshTacky Horses this is the place to be! David Grant will be there with some of his horses; Wylie Bell will be giving a clinic.


Its Sheep Shearing Day at Old McCaskills Farm DayFun for the whole family!

Rembert, SCOld McCaskills Farm Day Its Sheep Shearing Day! Come out for a great adventure and get to see Marsh Tacky Horses. Molly, Mariah, Little Miss River, and Yago!

3133 (3)
Molly, Mariah, Major, & Little Miss River, Citadel Cadet Calvary – picture credit Jodie Reeves