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Daufuskie Marsh Tacky Society expands

short and sweet post…

Check out this story by Caitlin Turner at the Island Packet about the Daufuskie Marsh Tacky Society!!

Critically endangered Marsh Tacky horses on Daufuskie could get new Beaufort County home

Erika Veit brought the State Heritage Horse, the Marsh Tacky, back to Daufuskie Island. Since then she has weathered hurricanes on the island, had barges bring more Marsh Tacky Horses for the Beach Races and provided a unique look into Daufuskies’ Island history. The Daufuskie Marsh Tacky Society is growing, expanding to a farm on the mainland of South Carolina in Beaufort County.

The DTMS is hiring interns, students and employees – if its your dream job to work with the Marsh Tacky Horses check out their application page.


I write. I interview. I blog. I re-blog. MarshTackyTales blog is about the critically endangered SC State Heritage Horse, my other blog is about Chronic Pain & Illness and marking my life journey through the process. I try to get up everyday to write and survive so I can rest my head on my pillow at night, content in what I have done. It doesn't always happen. I am not everyone's "cup of tea". Some need a shot of whiskey to get my writing down, for others it might be a caffeinated beverage to get them out of bed. To each their own. Take what you need and leave the rest.

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