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#EqHist2018: Abbie Harlow on “The Use of Burros and Mules in Defining Race”


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Rather Risk His Life in a Carriage Than Suffer on A Mule’s Back: The Use of Burros and Mules in Defining Race
Abbie Harlow, Arizona State University

       “As draught beasts, beasts of burden, and for field labor, [mules] surpass any other animal in the world; and the use of them allows the noble horse to be applied to his own proper use … and not to field labor or the rude and sordid drudgery to which he is too often degraded.”[1]This 1857 article, “Mules and Mule-Breeding,” argued for the use of mules as draft animals in place of horses, partially because mules were better suited to field work, but also to remove “the noble horse” from labor demeaning to their status. Newspaper articles, breeding handbooks…

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