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#EqHist2018: Breed, Purity, Race, and Class

Equine History Collective

All month long we will be featuring speaker’s abstracts for the upcoming Equine History Conference: Why Equine History Matters. Register now!

Breed, Purity, Race, & Class: Modernity’s Interconnections Between Horse & Human
Monica Mattfeld & Kristen Guest, University of Northern British Columbia

     Associated with human intervention in natural processes alongside categories of ‘purity’ and ‘impurity,’ breed has been central to the development of the contemporary horse industry via breed associations and lucrative international industries such as Thoroughbred racing. Yet, as the work of Harriet Ritvo (Animal Estate), Donna Landry (Noble Brutes), Richard Nash (‘Honest English Breed’), Sandra Swart (Riding High), and Margaret Derry (Bred for Perfection; Horses in Society)—among many others—variously demonstrates, ‘breed’ is also enmeshed in the history of human identity. Perhaps most importantly, notions of equine breed have evolved alongside core human categories of identity such as nation, race, class and gender. As Karen Raber…

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