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Dawn Roth, Dressagemanship™

“Helping one horse and human together at a time.” –Dawn RothWeb Dawn-Roth-Logo-Dressagemanship

Dawn Roth’s desire to create a holistic approach that embraces the relationship between rider and horse created Dressagemanship, a combination of dressage, classical in hand work and foundational horsemanship. Dressagemanship is a training program that is for any equestrian discipline: Western; English; Eventing; Endurance; and trail riding.  Roth has likened her program to “yoga for horses” encouraging balance, energy and body work for everyday horses and riders.LordyDawnStretch

Mutual understanding and respect between horse and human is what Roth strives to promote in her sessions.  One-on-one or small group work is preferred to develop the mutual language of the horse and human in Dressagemanship. Roth says that the practice of consistency and fairness develop the lightness and softness of the horse that results in confidence between the human and horse.

Roth designs her sessions around how the human and the horse learn.  They may not be equally matched when beginning the process, but through development and understanding each receives the guidance needed to succeed.Gallop_FL_2013 Consistency and flexibility are paramount to gauging the progress of the pair. Identifying progress comes in many forms, especially if the horse and human progress at different rates.  The horse may understand quicker than the human and vice versa. Roth will use a variety of techniques, such as helping the human gain understanding through the use of another horse or keeping a quickly progressing horse interested until its human counterpart catches up.

LibertyPlayRoth believes that listening and learning how to listen are keys to success in this program. She would like readers to know she is dedicated to the process. She says, “I want clients to fall in love with the journey of the partnership. I am committed to guiding them to be the best they can be and being the best I can be to share the journey.”SittingonMerlinTeachingSept2014

Roth Dressagemanshipoffers distance learning as well as small sessions and one-on-one sessions. Please connect with the following links: Website:

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