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The Line in the Sand

Please take a moment to watch the trailer produced by Terry Windell/MELT, LLC.

A few years ago Terry interviewed me about the children’s book I authored and Jackie McFadden illustrated for the documentary. The documentary is still in process, here is the trailer. You can purchase your copy of Beach Race Champion, featuring equestrian jockey Brittany Stevens, riding Marsh Tacky Molly to victory on the sandy beach. Please check out the Facebook Page for the trailer. Marsh Tacky Horses still need your support!

Watch the trailer here:

(c) MarshTackyTales 2018



I write. I interview. I blog. I re-blog. MarshTackyTales blog is about the critically endangered SC State Heritage Horse, my other blog is about Chronic Pain & Illness and marking my life journey through the process. I try to get up everyday to write and survive so I can rest my head on my pillow at night, content in what I have done. It doesn't always happen. I am not everyone's "cup of tea". Some need a shot of whiskey to get my writing down, for others it might be a caffeinated beverage to get them out of bed. To each their own. Take what you need and leave the rest.

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