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Breyerfest 2018, July 13-15

Breyerfest 2018 is being held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington KY this weekend.

In 2013 the Marsh Tacky Breyer Horse model was released. Two Step was a limited run of 1,200 horses available only at Breyerfest 2013.


According to Identify Your Breyer website if you have this model it will be stamped on the belly with “Breyerfest 2013”. Model number 711162 is a solid dun with primitive markings.




photo credit Jackie McFadden

Ten years ago Breyer became interested in the rare breed horses of the East Coast. The Columbia Mall in Columbia, SC hosted an equine gathering in 2008 of horse breeds to bring attention to their search. Like nearly every Marsh Tacky event we attended, it was a blustery day, threatening wild weather. David Grant brought his stallion, D.P, to the event. David Grant runs Carolina Marsh Tacky Outdoors. He trains, breeds and sells Marsh Tacky Horses.041

Pal-O-Mine was there to greet everyone and have pictures taken.


photo credit Patricia Stafford

(c) Marsh Tacky Tales 2018







I write. I interview. I blog. I re-blog. MarshTackyTales blog is about the critically endangered SC State Heritage Horse, my other blog is about Chronic Pain & Illness and marking my life journey through the process. I try to get up everyday to write and survive so I can rest my head on my pillow at night, content in what I have done. It doesn't always happen. I am not everyone's "cup of tea". Some need a shot of whiskey to get my writing down, for others it might be a caffeinated beverage to get them out of bed. To each their own. Take what you need and leave the rest.

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