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Featured Fine Artist, Keri Keene July 2018

Who: Keri Keene, fine arts pastelist

When & Where:

August 2018 Main Street Art Gallery  2036 14th Ave #103, Vero Beach, FL 32960

Palm trees with cattle scattered under them is the Florida Keri Keene knows and wants to share. She is a Florida Native and is taking an active stance in preserving Florida History.unnamed Her most recent body of work focuses on agricultural history, an often forgotten history of Florida. Non-traditional education in art and a therapeutic need to express emotion on canvas or paper led to her discovery of not only being an artist, but an artist who has a message.

Keene has seen that her work often introduces people to the rare Florida Cracker Horses and Cracker Cattle that helped build the Florida economy. She feels that most tourists come to Florida for the beaches and the entertainment. They do not get to indulge in the rich agricultural history Florida has to offer. Keene focuses on the unique landscape Florida has and the history behind it, featuring orange groves and ranch animals.unnamed (1).jpgcrackercow2

Growing up in North Florida, her father had a ranch populated with horses, cattle, dogs, pigs and cats.  She has always been drawn to the beauty of animals. Preserving a childhood she now realizes was much rarer than she realized, Keri has begun painting those Florida Cracker Horses and Cracker Cattle whose “Cracker” names came from the sound of the whips cracking, encouraging the cattle to leave the pines, palms and scrubby terrain.

After reading the book, A Land Remembered, which mentioned Marsh Tacky Horses, Keene wanted to have a Marsh Tacky Horse. Forever Florida, a ranch in St. Cloud, FL arranged for her to be able to photograph both the Florida Cracker Horses and Cracker Cattle in a semi-feral state. Forever Florida also provided an opportunity for her to ride Florida Cracker Horses.unnamed (1).jpgcracker cow

“I love to have followers on my social media and visitors to my website” -Keri Keene
 If anyone has questions about my art they can reach me at 

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I write. I interview. I blog. I re-blog. MarshTackyTales blog is about the critically endangered SC State Heritage Horse, my other blog is about Chronic Pain & Illness and marking my life journey through the process. I try to get up everyday to write and survive so I can rest my head on my pillow at night, content in what I have done. It doesn't always happen. I am not everyone's "cup of tea". Some need a shot of whiskey to get my writing down, for others it might be a caffeinated beverage to get them out of bed. To each their own. Take what you need and leave the rest.

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