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Artists, Activists and Historians- Beginning in July

Did you know that there is an entire group of people who study Equine History? Or that there are people who put their passion for preservation into Art? Or that grass roots conservation for rare equine breeds can be an activist position? Did you know that Equines are one of the most researched animals and most extensively DNA mapped?

These are a just a few of the the things I have been learning over my years of research into the real history of the Marsh Tacky Horse. A new and constant feature for Marsh Tacky Tales will be monthly interviews with Artists, Activists and Historians. Each one presented has brought significant insight to my research, even if they are not directly involved with the rare horse breed, the Marsh Tacky.

Multidisciplinary research takes us places we may never have thought to go. Investigating the South Carolina boll weevil, Revolutionary War sites, long hours searching for just the right index to discover a lost work and consults with archeologists, linguists and scientists are part of that work. And artists.  You may have noticed (if you have been following Marsh Tacky Tales on FB) that I have been posting some artwork as well as other links to preserving our wild mustangs. I had no idea that all these different things reached out and touched Marsh Tacky Horses when I began this blog.

Now that I know, I want to share these remarkable findings with you. If you love horses, history, and interconnectedness please stay tuned – I am interviewing many of the wonderful people I have met along this journey of the Natural History of the Marsh Tacky just for you.

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I write. I interview. I blog. I re-blog. MarshTackyTales blog is about the critically endangered SC State Heritage Horse, my other blog is about Chronic Pain & Illness and marking my life journey through the process. I try to get up everyday to write and survive so I can rest my head on my pillow at night, content in what I have done. It doesn't always happen. I am not everyone's "cup of tea". Some need a shot of whiskey to get my writing down, for others it might be a caffeinated beverage to get them out of bed. To each their own. Take what you need and leave the rest.

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