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Flash, A Horse in Need

I have a confession. I stopped blogging thinking maybe someone had taken the blog information and stolen Yago and River. I have been struggling with whether or not to continue to blog about Marsh Tacky Horses. Yesterday I was alerted to a horse that was claimed to be a Marsh Tacky per coggins and is headed to the New Holland sale on Monday July 3, 2017. Some of you will read this blog after everything is all over and I apologize for that. I had hoped this horse was Yago or River. It is not. I’ve learned something though, I learned that everyone of you have been looking for Yago & River. And I want you to keep looking. And I also need help for this horse:

This horse is going to the NEW HOLLAND PA sale on Monday July 3, 2017New Holland Bound Horse, Head Unconfirmed Marsh Tacky

“…he’s really afraid. He doesn’t know what’s happening, it’s obviously his first time experiencing something like this. At the first sale, he pulled back and broke 2 halters. They put him in a pen with a mare about his size. She was meant and kicked him. He wants to shut down, I can tell, but he still responds to a kind, gentle touch and soft voice. Obviously was a woman’s horse. He’s going to need QT and tlc if he gets out of there!” 

This is the link to the GoFundMe 

This is the Information posted on FB about this horse

New Holland Bound Horse, Unconfirmed Marsh Tacky

Posting Copied from Horses of New Holland – Before FB page.

“Rare opportunity to own and endangered breed. Very few of these horses remain. MARSH TACKY (per coggins, has the breed characteristics) Official horse for the state of SC. Purchased 1-2 years ago at the annual sale.
Gelding. 3 yrs old. 14hh. Halter broke only. This is not Yago, one of the two Marsh Tacky horses stolen a few months ago.
Selling tomorrow morning at 9am auction in New Holland, Pa. Mel’s Sales Stable. Attend in person if possible. Phone bidding is available. Video available via PM or see main page.”

He is a 3 y.o. with no papers, his coggins says he is a Marsh Tacky. The clinic that performed the Coggins is familiar with the breed and has treated many Marsh Tacky Horses over the years. He looks like a classic Marsh Tacky according to the standards provided by the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association.

Please look at the pictures showing his conformation. No conclusive factual data has been provided to negate his breed claim.

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I want to thank Horses of New Holland – Before FB page for alerting us to this horse.

I would like to thank everyone that is still looking for Yago & River. We will bring you home!





I have always loved to write and to research, and from an early age, captivate an audience (or at least imagine I was). Story-telling has been a source of enjoyment whether the story is one re-told for generations or plucked from reality like the collection of Marsh Tacky Horse stories from interviews. My experience with stories tells me that all of them, fiction or non-fiction, are based at least on a tiny seed of truth and diligent research can unveil those truths. These are the skills I bring to my keyboard and to interviews. I am currently under contract with History Press for the manuscript, "The Natural History of the Marsh Tacky Horse".

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