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River & Yago, Bring Them Home!

This year I couldn’t watch the Kentucky Derby. Its the first time in over a decade that I have not watched it. I couldn’t. I couldn’t watch it knowing somewhere out there River & Yago were wondering where they were and why they weren’t at home. Instead I watched Netposse’s video about River & Yago.

How can you help bring them home?

Watch the video, hand out flyers, share on social media. Keep your eyes open for any horses that match their description on trails, new in pastures, at sales barns and auctions. Do not hesitate to call Netposse if you think you have a lead. The safe return of these horses is all that matters. There is a new Facebook page filled with links to on-line auctions or sales if you would like to click through there to look for River & Yago. We hope they are not at a sale, but if they are – we hope that someone sees them and helps bring them home.

This is the new Flyer with the Reward $ for their safe return, no questions asked!

Please everyone, keep looking to bring them home!

Oh – and Always Dreaming & Todd Pletcher, congratulations on the 143 run of the Kentucky Derby! I am hoping that River & Yago will be found safe and returned before the Triple Crown is over.